I just slipped and fell on e wet floor. Busted my left knee and my right shoulder blade. Ouch, but that’s not e point.

Someone from another bed in e icu just passed away the moment we came back from our breakfast. E family is wailing away, and i can’t help but feel affected. They kept calling him to wake, and as i stared as his dad, i hope he won’t have to go through that as well. He looks so lost, so forlorn. He must be thinking about his dad. Looking at his eyes, they said so much, yet so little.

Despite tears welling up in my own eyes with all e sobbing and wailing amidst us.. I told myself i have to be strong. I had to be a strong pillar for him. I willed my tears away and kept e serenity prayer in my head, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for e best. I hope my silent presence will make him feel a little more at ease and calm his nerves. Will you help me keep him and his dad in your prayers too? I would really really appreciate this gesture. Thank you.