woke to the feeling of lethargy. suddenly i wished there was someone that i could talk to in this empty house.

staring at my messy room with computer peripherals lying all round and that fact that i couldn’t get the new hard disk to recognise the rest of the hard disks in the computer, i couldn’t decide what to do. spend time cleaning it up knowing that it’ll be another mess when uncle comes back from the korea trip (where i’ll bug him to help me troubleshoot) or just leave everything as it is, but put neatly at one corner.

Grrr. i want access to my files!

the boy texted me from NY and asked me to blog more. somehow, of late, i lost the drive to blog. it seems everything that i want to mention has a gloomy hue to it and i couldn’t decide if i want to make myself more gloomy by blogging and consistently reminding myself each time i stare at my whole blog.

i am such an indecisive creature.

ok. shall try to do something constructive today instead of whiling my time away.

it’s such a beautiful sunday!