with updates from me with such long intervals, it means im busy, tired and have a lot on my hands to deal with.

my eyes are closing as i type and my brain is shutting down, but cos it’s the weekend.. there are stuff i wanted to blog and leave here.

watched chicken little on thursday night. i initially wanted to catch the movie with wei, but vanessa asked if i could bring her to the movies. i didnt have the heart to turn down a child. and so, despite having a long to-do list back home, i trotted my way to the cinema after a change of clothes.

i believe our seats are jinxed. 15mins into the movie, i had a kid wailing RIGHT BEHIND me. young parents i have behind me. and 3 kids. ok, not exactly young, errm.. late 20s/early 30s? before the movie started, the kid was talking really loudly, and the father was busy hushing the kid. it was kinda comical in a way.

but, but, i was not a single bit amused when one of the kid started wailing! really loudly! the father passed the kid to the mum. mum tried to coo the kid for a while. didnt work. mum pass kid back to dad. dad hushed the kid. didnt work. dad passed the kid back to mum. all the while discussing whether they should bring the kid out. then, mum didnt hush the kid and passed it back to dad. dad finally decided to bring the kid out. told mum, im bring him out ah. and stood by the stairway!! and slowly walked down the steps, pausing in between, hesitating his steps, prob. not wanting to miss the show himself! for GOODNESS sake! BRING THE DAMN KID OUT!

im pretty sure the entire cinema heard the cries for at least a coupla of mins. Grrr.. despite me trying hard to concentrate on the movie screen, desperately straining my ears to hear what chicken little is saying, i hear nothing but wails of the kid and the parent’s conversation! and so, jasmine, me and vanessa missed out a chunk of the movie.


and while i thought i could enjoy some peace after the wailing kid is gone. another kid started wailing on the row to our left. ARHHHH!

the movie is hilarious! some parts that is. other parts tugged at my heart. i cringed when i see chicken little being bullied. poor thing.. and he is so DAMN CUTE! and intelligent!! i especially like it when he sits down with his head down, and hands clutching each other, laid on his lap. awww. makes my heart goes out to him.

an extremely short movie, about an hr and half. not a fantastic story line if you asked me. but i like how the songs were scripted into the show with lyrics so apt. heh. jasmine and me were like laughing and laughing at the songs. errm. no other laughter was heard tho. we wondered if the songs werent exactly for the era of the target audience.

the movie came to an end and had me having this extreme desire to grab chicken little to hug it. partly for the cuteness and the things he say..

i personally think i would have enjoyed the movie much more if it was midnight show (lesser kids in the audience), but nonetheless it loosen me up for a while. its kinda a good thing that wei wasnt with me. i can already imagine his rants after the show. heh.