christmas came early for my sweetie this year.

we were out shopping in town, and we havent done this in ages! cant even remember when was the last time it happened! we were supposed to meet his sis for a japanese buffet when she couldnt make it cos no one was home to look after the baby. so out we went alone, and it was refreshing. i hardly have the chance to enjoy his company just by myself, and u can start imaging how happy i was skipping around in the malls.

we didnt have the intention to buy anything. we just wanted to check out marina south after its reno.

it is not good to walk around aimlessly!! i burnt a big hole in my pockets! and i dont even remember ever spending THAT much money in a day, at the malls alone!!

here are some of my buys.. amidst other small little stuffs like food and daily necessities.

Oakleys : Fate (for me) and Splice (for sweetie) – his early christmas pressie from me!

ok. i could have do away with Fate, but i reckon it unfair to myself that i blew that much on something for him, i should get myself one as a treat too! * grins *

Square cut Levis jeans – Eve

i know i mentioned that i didnt wanna blow money on levis anymore. but this was one that i have been dreaming to own for a while now, and wei just gave me the perfect excuse to buy it.

me: eh, levis store!
wei: let’s check it out..
me: but its so ex, and i have so many pairs at home that i cannot fit into!
wei: see only, no need money
[in we went, and i went to try on the pair of jeans that i knew i liked]
me: nice?
wei: yeah. u look good in it.
me: 🙁 should i buy?
wei: hmm.. buy lor, u look good what.
me: har, really? [contemplating]
wei: just buy la. CNY ard the corner and you’ll definitely regret if u cant get one in your size then.
me: oh ya! [took the jeans and paid for it!]

and that left me $140 bucks poorer. dont even try asking me how much the oakleys cost.

and i changed my battery for my stark watch, paid $16 bucks and waited 40 mins! i am never going to change my watch batteries watch shops which doesnt carry them. (and yes, i did it today cos i was desperate!)

the man at the store, was not familiar with the watch. he tinkered with the watch, took a long time to figure which are the correct batts and proudly announced to me that there were 2 batts. and he kept screwing back the screws only to have them taken out later. dont ask me why. and the questions he asked made me SUPER WORRIED abt my watch, which he held in his hands. all these while with a frustrated wei for the long wait, and me fighting the urge to say i changed my mind abt replacing the batteries.

had mac for dinner (yes, you heard me correctly) but i only ate coupla of fries and yogurt (which pretty sucks after 1 mouthful – brought the whole thing home for my bro).

and the weird thing is, i am a happy girl! yes, even with the burnt pocket.

back home, i found more gerberas!

these are very tall ones! much taller than the ones i had last week, and they are absolutely so gorgeous! bright and cheery looking, it just brightens my day! and those from last weekend are still around, tho they are getting very short now after all the trimming.


Oops! it’s almost 3am! havent even realised the time. shucks. gonna unpack my stuff and head for bed.

sweet dreams everyone!!