i have much grouses about it as much as it is providing convenience, it is also providing inconvenience to me.

do you guys have problems when you try keying in long entries or picture-laden posts? The app keeps crashing on me and i had to keep re-typing whatever i was trying to post. the last YOG games closing ceremony entry done there saw me unsuccessful editing the entry numerous times, and i actually wrote the entry on thursday night, and i didn’t manage to finish it despite trying many times over the weekend.

each time i try to post, the app crashes and whatever i typed previously was not saved and i think i typed the entry 5 times on my phone and have it go missing.

i eventually had to post it, and log onto my computer to edit it to make it sound correct because the half-written entry that was posted was all the app managed to capture. Brrr.

talk about convenience turning into inconvenience. there’s just so much that the apps needs to improve on as well, such as spell check not being available, the scrolling of the entry “jumps” whenever there are too many pictures. when you edit and indicate “ok”, the app doesn’t save your latest edits.. not being able to view and post comments through the app.

i think the app should also look at notifying the user when there is a comment poster (like the usual email alerts that we get in emails), and the ability to sort out the friends’ journals versus the communities. I had to trawl through pages of community speak to find a friend’s entry.

hopefully the revised app will be out soon. the current one is driving me bonkers.

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