and because i hardly had the time to blog these days.. when i do.. they go out in a combo hit! up next, the LJ gang CNY dinner. or rather, post CNY dinner because we MISSED it.

first, let me say HI! to felicia!!

and what’s a dinner without crabs for the usual LJ gang? so.. like 05, we had it at no signboard at esplanade. and the gang..

from left: wendy, mengxin, wenmei, gary, felicia and wenmei & gary

cat and hubby, anda… and simon turned up with someone NEW!!!

NAH! fat hope! fel’s attached to another dude! simon’s just “loaning” her for a picture! hahah

and now.. the heros.. the food.

dough fritters

errm.. lemon chicken?

veggies are good for cherie!

a $4 a piece tofu! made of gold?!

cereal prawns.. where the cereals taste 10x better than prawns.

and the superhero! Mr. crabby Crab! we ate $290 of it! Siao man!

when wenmei first saw the bill, her expression was shocked! and then she went on to query the waitress about the price of the crab. the few of us sitting opposite her had cold sweat.. in my mind i was thinking,”Shit! is the dinner damn expensive?! the look on wenmei’s face….”

and cat and me were discussing the possibility of hitting the thousand dollar mark! damn hilarious moment, now that i think of it. the whole table just sat there quietly looking staring at wenmei!

still.. dinner was filled with laughters and fun. as always. even though there were missing people from the group, we had new people joining us! and so.. here’s the mandatory group pictures that we took after the meal. (ok, we got a LOT of stares taking these pictures.. people must have thought that we are (1) tourists or (2) crazy!)


the girls the guys

the short bangs girlies vs the curly long hair girlies

wendy and me with wenmei’s fingers(!!).. and pretty me. 😛

i’m loving my short hair! love the fresher look!

can you tell that i am a happy girl today?! hee hee.

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