ok, here’s the long awaited post that the ljers have been cranking their necks for. im sorry for posting this SO late, and i am the last to post abt it other than i_believe who is waiting to copy & paste from everyone’s post instead.. and also, i must mention simoncool for being so clever, to extract portions off everyone’s blog.

at the crime scene were (in order of arriving according to wwenzz):
wendy wwenzz & declan decazz
wenmei pishako & gary
jasmine binique & keagan
mengxin i_believe& kenneth
wei & me
simon simoncool

wei & me were 30 mins late for the lunch appointment and were the 2nd last to arrive before simoncool. all thanks to my little piggy bf who ignored my calls + alarm clock and slept all the way till i got to his house and shook him awake. too bad for us that the mum was using the common toilet and he had to wait for her to be done before he can hop in.

i feel a tad bad for turning up so late, but thank goodness.. simon saved me the guilt for delaying everyone else. *grins*

we ordered the cny set meal thingy. yummy! i especially love the cereal prawns and the fish. i didnt take the chilli crab cos i thought there wasnt anymore, but when wendy found a claw for me, i was too full and lazy to eat by then. as usual, i was busy snapping pictures and was teased by many. i think they all found me amusing. hurmph! eye opener for my camwhoring skills eh? *rofl*

here’s the pictures!

karaoke session at partyworld shenton way after the meal. was a tad sad that mx and kenneth wasnt joining us.. but im sure there’s a chance in the future! 🙂 as usual, wei is being complimented for his excellent singing and yes, mine sucks. u know, it’s kinda demoralising and crushing to my self esteem to be constantly compared to wei when we go karaoke. sometimes, i wish i could sing better too.. who doesnt want to have great voice and all, right?

ok, i shall side track abit and tell you a little story. i used to be teased badly by people when i start singing. that my singing is not good and all and sometimes, before i even start singing, people will grab the mike from me and ask me not to ruin the song. they are mean and many times (a couple of years back), i was driven to tears by their mean words. this hasnt done much to my confidence and i actually do have a fear of singing karaoke aka holding the mike. i stopped going to karaoke or singing in karaokes for a period of time because of that. and i sorta started singing actively again in the last 2 years cos there has been encouraging friends who prompted me to do so, despite the critics. so, please understand my horrendous singing. if i can sing so well, i would have becomed a singer or something!

back to the story. we karaoked till 8.30pm and was extremely late for the dinner appointment with eric, janice and belle. gosh i felt so bad but wei wanted to sing to his heart’s content. we had a short dinner with them at mos burger bugis, and the initially plans of hitting the boardgame cafe was abandoned since everyone wanted to leave early. we ended up meeting cliff + jontel, joseph + lydia and steven in liquid cafekitchen down in siglap.

  • i was so tired and sleepy, and feeling feverish. was drowning myself with a 1.25l mineral bottle while the rest sipped coffee and tea. joe ordered the fondue and yes, i couldnt resist it. yums yums. love the marshmallows. and my stupid boy, feeling lucky.. decided to play mahjong (at cliff’s hse) with the rest!


    i dont have to declare how tired i was from work in the early morning till late at night, and having the whole day packed with activities. dragged myself through the mahjong and had terrible losses.. until the very last round when i won back my losses and eventually bag a $10 win. indeed the boy was lucky. he brought back $50+ of winnings? thank god he won, else i’ll whack him with a stick for putting me through the torture.

    needless to say, i crashed the moment i reached home and bathed.