Do you sometimes feel like you just want to be alone? Some times, these opportunities don’t come by.

Today felt like a sucky day. I don’t feel good. I met raf for dinner and didn’t feel good after too. I can’t believe some of the things I hear.. It’s like I’m in a daze and all the stuff I’m hearing are just a dream. Its funny. Not as in funny funny, but like weird.

Caught a midnight movie. Marley n me. At downtown east. So totally far from home. It’s a slightly better than okay show. The dog. It pulls my heart strings. Makes me emotionally unstable. So, I think I’m depressed.

N the contract was broken once again. Am depressed to find out. Even more upsetting to find a nonchalant attitude.

What am I to do right? I should just mind my own freaking life and don’t bother. There is already so much I need to sort out, get more rest, try to be happier… Read more books, get exercise done. That should be my life.

Pardon the whining/rant. People just get down days sometimes.

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