my brains feels wrecked when I woke this morning. It must be that I went to bed at 11pm last night and I was wide awake by 4am in the morning. Tried heading back to bed with an active brain and you get a groggy me in the morning.

I had bad dreams. The location is foreign, feels like thailand. I was in some terrorists or warzone fleeing for my life (wonders the recent news of thai triggered this). People were being raped and shot. The only familiar face that I see is jen. We were fleeing together. The last scene that I was remember was me trying to hide under the sofa when the house we were hiding it was being raided.

I realised that I really didn’t want to die yet.

I’m kinda amused. I think my imagination is quite good. But then, I wonder if its a good idea to even think about travelling to krabi with jen since we were talking abt it the other day… Hk sounds like a much better idea now…

Reminder to self today – break big tasks into smaller ones and conquer them. I’ll get through somehow.

Its gonna be a long day… Loads to work on and complete. The jp morgan run is tomorrow, so there is loads that I have to cover today. Wish me luck!

In other thoughts, its wednesday! 3 more days to seeing my baby!

Tasks for tonight:
– pack my running gear
– load up on h2o
– load songs into my running playlist
– sleep early (this should be quite easy since I have been doing it for the week thus far)

Happy mid week people!

self motivation is the best motivation one can get!

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