What the fuck!! Is there a freaking need to push? I am standing by the side.. Waiting for the passengers to alight and there is this fat malay aunty that’s walking out.. and she walked to my side and gave me a push that I almost lost my balance.. Wah lau.. for the fact that she can move to my side means there is space right? it’s not like I’m closing in on her or something. I’m just standing stationary, NOT MOVING, waiting for my turn to board.

really pissed me off big time. if not for the fact that I care about my image (afterall I’m so well dressed), I will really scream at her. These people really need to be educated!

besides, she’s already on the platform, and not like she’s worried she can’t get out of the train or something. Smrt should ban all pushing commuters. scan their ids and give them a red card or something, then ban them from using public transport. I mean, if these people are not courteous and does not give a shit about others’ safety.. Surely they shouldn’t be entitled to cheap, crowded public transport.. They can take a cab and push all they want in there.

I’m royally pissed.. And no, I’m not really racist. Don’t get me wrong.. I sure a lot of the rude commuters are chinese as well. Argh!

[mobile post @ buona vista bus stop]