I just thought of the perfect past time for me while I do my hula hoop! I’m just gonna hold my mobile phone and blog about my day while the hoop goes round and round me.. And ya, that’s exactly what is happening now.

I feel sucky today. I really hate shouting at people but they really test my nerves.

Yay! Am meeting jen tomorrow, and that’s like the happiest thing that is gonna happen to me for the week?

I really don’t understand my mum. She buys something brand new and destroys it by tearing it apart. I have always hated that about her. Its so annoying and she just have to do it.. Like how I buy new cupboards and she has to put nails in it to secure them to something else. Or like a new table but she saw the legs shorter. Or like the fridge she bought last week by tearing out the compartments. Grr. It really irks me to no end. Especially when the stuff are brand new but they look like rags after she does her black magic on them. Sometimes, it inconveniences me to no end. Like how my renovated toilet have a door cannot be shut fully. What is a door when it can’t be shut? Sigh. That in itself is another story and every single time I think about it, I just fume (from zero degrees to a hundred in 2 secs). I guess its something that I haven’t been able to change despite my numerous naggings (yes, turning aunty/domesticated). I know I shouldn’t badmouth my mum but I’m just stating a fact.


Can someone tell me some happy things to lift my mood?

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