its a cold morning and I’m surprised at the number of layers I’m putting on this morning. A long sleeve top and slack, under my little black dress that would have bee sufficient by itself. Still, I’m shivering. I think the reason is due to the fact that I didn’t rest enough last night. I slept at 3+am.. After helping my brother to fix the sofa up.

About the sofa, we are gonna change the look of the house. Yay! Finally after many many years.. my mum decided to do something about it.. we bought a whole bunch of furnishings that amounted to more than 2k.. For my brother’s room, the living room and the kitchen. The funny thing was, I had nothing for myself even though I paid for everything except a couple of hand towels that I bought for cleaning. The sofa is the killer purchase!

Now, my mum’s plan is that we have to stay in every sunday to spring clean..

Ok… I’m reaching office soon. Hope everyone have a great day! I’m quite late!

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