Urgh.. I came home and realised that my internet connection is disconnected.. Just because my brother cannot stand waiting and is pissed off with the service.. And in a fit of anger.. He cancelled everything under his name.. And the internet connection is being terminated.

I’m like seriously annoyed and he ask me to go apply for the service. But wtf, I’m like super busy the next few days lor! And I was also pissed at it cos I was hanging around the shops today and I went to 4 different ones today, loitering around to check out the store. Wah lau, I feel so pek chek now…

Urgh. I hate it for moments like that. Because it is inconveniencing me. At times like this, I really feel like screaming… But really, what can I do? Looks like I have to go queue at the stores this weekend.. And yes, it’ll be mobile blogging from now on till the connection is back.

Good night.

[mobile post @ my room]