it a noisy saturday afternoon. the boys at the basketball court beneath my block are making a lot of noise. the sun is up and i wonder if the increased noise level is welcoming.

derrick called earlier, found out that im lazing in bed and said i had no life. Hmmm.. i have to agree. after a hectic work week, all i had wanted to do was just laze in bed and take stock of the week that has passed. read a book slowly and pace my life a little. it helps when my phone is usually quiet for the weekend.

i could have jolly well called anyone up for snooker, movies, mahjong, shopping or just coffee and drinks.. but there is inertia in getting my butt out of the house. i’m quite relucant to put effort in dressing up, heading out and jostle with the crowd out there. 5 days of that in my week seems to have taken a toil on me.

it’s funny how i think back now and my life has been a rush everyday, heading here and there. meeting friends every other day, making full use of every single day and not having enough time for myself. now, i feel the stretch of that and am enjoying my lazing days. it’s really nice but i know i won’t be doing this forever. it will only be soon that i’ll start filling my life with activities again. it’s a vicious cycle.

ok. late night dinner with the funny guys again yesterday. i can’t believe that im meeting them almost every other night. proximity and having transport helps definitely. we popped over to sunplaza & cathay to catch a movie only to find them closed. caught the wicker man eventually at cineleisure and gawd.. it’s a boring show and i cannot believe nicholas cage is in it. half the time, derrick is drifting into snoozeland beside me. the only part i find entertaining was the first 5 mins of the show, and this other part where a girl behind me screamed her lungs out.

ok. snapped some pictures while waiting for the movie to screen.

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