The day started at 6.30am. i struggled between trying to silence the 5 ringing alarm clocks (my iPhone, my alarm clock, der’s g-shock alarm clock, and our E71s) and trying to grab more sleep. to top it off, my mum was banging madly on the door to wake us up.


who in the world wakes at 6.30am in the morning to go JB? I think my mum is insane and as much as i tried telling her that we DO NOT need to go so early because there will be no jam, way enough time for breakfast AND shopping before turning up for granduncle’s birthday lunch.. the stubborn streak in her refused to budge. not even when i grabbed my iphone and showed her the current traffic at the causeway with absolutely no cars.

well, i ended up delaying the entire process because i dragged my feet and then took my own sweet time to bathe and get ready. when we stepped out at 7.45am, her face was so BLACK and mad.

we went in 2 separate cars so i don’t have to hear any of her grumbling or complains (phew!).

true enough, we were in JB in less than 20 mins and with minimal waiting (1-2 cars) while clearing the customs. my brother set off earlier and we ended up waiting for them in JB to turn up before heading for breakfast together.

went through breakfast in a daze and in silence. no pictures because my brain is not yet awake. who needs breakfast when all you need is to sleep?

by the time we are done and ready for shopping, we drove to this huge giant and parked our cars… only to realize that the mall’s not opened yet (haha, tell me i’m smart). anyone with the right frame of mind good calculation skills would know that the malls wouldn’t open that early and there are more than enough time to eat breakfast and dance around before the malls open.

we ended up sleeping in the car for a grand hour before my brother shouted to say the malls are open! thank goodness for the 2 vehicles because with 2 person to each car, it was comfortable enough for me to grab some snooze.

and because we had so much time to BURN after all the shopping was done, der & me went for a game of bowling while my mum waited impatiently and kept nagging us to finish up the game. Grrr.. sometimes, i seriously cannot stand my mum. too uptight about the wrong things and what’s wrong with a game of bowling when the granduncle’s house is just 5 mins drive away and she insisted that we have to leave 45mins beforehand? i hate waiting in her context, so i rather make use of my time and get some quality lifestyle.

every year, the sequence is the same. turn up at granduncle’s house, car convoy to restaurant in golf course (near masai), eat, car convoy back to house, sing songs, cut cake, eat fruits, and then it’s time to say goodbye.

and that’s exactly what we did, except that der and me got lost on the way back because we were stuck behind this taxi and the next thing we know… all the cars were gone. BLAH. der & me ended up taking a little tour (and enjoying the process because of the quiet me-time) we managed to get. it was also because i was still angsty from the earlier episode of me being snatched of my usual car seat (the seat beside der!). i was putting the stuff away in the car and ensuring that there were enough seats to accommodate people, only to turn around and see that my seat was taken (hurmph!) and i had to climb into the backseat. gawd. it was so awkward and it is not a short journey and some people are just oblivious to it. he almost even sat on my silly babies (!!) and thankfully der was quick enough to whip them out of the way.

i am mean, but i so want to disinfect the entire seat car after that.

Pictures of lunch.

the cold fried platter

the must-have dessert

me trying to be funny with the king of 寿桃. there was this platter of them that my cousins painstakingly brought in from Singapore (heard its from Crystal Jade). the 寿桃 comes in many different flavours – custard, lotus paste, red bean paste and peanut.

the family portrait taken in ’91, where i was not part of. Think i was in a school camp when this was taken.

the celebrations for granduncle.

the bored boy..

random shot of the house

pomegranate in the garden

cousins holding the 寿桃 basket

havaianas and charles and keith

Pigeons by the roadside.

Am so knackered now that I fell asleep halfway through the entry and the boy just woke me with a call cos I had to go for a manicure appointment.

Hmm.. The past 3 days have been a flurry of activities that I haven’t had much time to myself at all. I need some sanity and some me-time.


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