Opened my eyes this morning and i thought it was friday. But no, it’s tuesday. I have tried heading for bed earlier last night and i’m sure i’ve clocked at least 6 hours of sleep instead of e usual 5.

Why am i so tired still? My life has lost it’s adrenaline to pump some life in me. I need excitement.

Was chatting to fiona last night. We have e same theory towards work.

Work theory:
passion + low pay = acceptance level
no passion + low pay = fatigue level (a definite NO go)

These days, i’m wondering if e long hours killed my passion for the job. Or maybe, this isn’t where my passion lies. Is there such a thing as 50% passion? What happens when you have e passion for e scope of work, but you don’t really enjoy e industry that you r in? Where does that put me then?

I struggled to wake earlier and try to be at work earlier. I hope i can manage that. A few more mins to 9am, but i’m still rocking away in e bus.

– wills e bus to go faster –

Morning mobile blogging, i likey! It makes me a lot more awake than normal days. Com’on bus, MOVE FASTER!

[mobile post on bus @ kallang bahru]