work wise, its been horrible, terrible and [add whichever terrible adjectives you can think of]. manslaughter in my opinion. it eats you up slowly because u are so tired, u are better off dead. well, there’s just more to come.

time, of cos have been flying past extremely fast. especially so when one is busy.

i’m so totally thankful for the long weekend. even though its sitex, i can at least take a breather, slow things down a little and just relax and chill before the flurry in the following weeks.

i feel so good when for once in a long long, long time.. i slept for 12hrs. shiok!

now, im off for lunch and a movie (new moon!!!) with the boy. have a great weekend. aunt is here since wed’s night, but i havent had the chance to catch up with her yet. oops.

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