I posted an entry about xsilly the other day and the app has prompted that the entry was posted successfully.. But it didnt show up in my lj. Grr. Its the second time it happened.


Am on the plane right now, supposed to be bedtime, but i’m all alert and cant get to sleep no matter how i try. And yup, there’s also a crying baby on board, just 2 rows in front. When its not crying, it screaming non stop.

Mad irritating even though i know the parents would be worse off caring for the baby. But surely one can control the excitement and not let the baby scream the cabin down when its not crying?!

maybe i can only empathise when i have a kid on my own someday.


For now, im a bundle of grumbles especially when i am feeling motion sickness and vomitted my dinner right after i swallowed it.

4 more hours of in-flight torture.

And whats with one baby triggering off other babies crying?!

I pity the business class folks cos the crying baby is just a curtain away!

[post written on sunday, 10 oct at 3.43am, singapore time]

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