i guess good things dont come alone. remember this post when i mentioned abt me not being able to get the my melody book end from mac…

and woah! check these out!

wow! wow! wow!

i am so happy!!

guess where i got them? gifts from friends!! delirist first saw my blog post abt it and decided to give me hers! and i got it last nite! thank you SO MUCH girl.. u really cheered up my day!

and then.. over the weekend.. joycelyn and vanessa had mac and vanessa wanted to buy it for me.. and yes, she’s that 9 year old girl. joycelyn didnt want her to pay.. and wanted to buy it for me too.. so they ended up sharing $1 each and bought me one! yipee!! now i got 2!!

and bought me one when she popped by mac one day in town too! i told her that i have already gotten it and told her to give it to her cousin instead.. but still i’m SO TOUCHED by the gesture of it.. really. very very touched.

and last nite at dinner.. princessping fished out my melody from her bag and gave it to me! haha. so now.. i got 3!!


i really really feel so loved.