i miss my sweetie. hmm.. i seemed to think of him a lot more recently.. but in a happier sense. 🙂

he’s gonna have a long week, and i might not get to see him this weekend. but, im getting loads more smses recently and im so thrilled. he’s finally scoring major brownie points! *grinning from ear to ear*

and i think i miss him so much, that i’m starting to think desmond koh (xu zhen rong) look like him when i saw him on tv earlier. Oops. wei’s gonna bash me when he reads this..(thank god he doesnt read my blog!) and i suddenly remember princessping congratulating wei last year for winning the star awards. haha. star awards coming up soon. okie okie, it’s a private joke.


finally! the long awaited dinner date tomorrow with fellow LJers! the week’s has been slow and i cant wait for it to be over. i heard piggy_pat79 is gonna bring donuts back for unpolished_gem!! oh.. im so jealous. gonna steal a couple from her. hahaha. nah, im joking. im sure michie will offer me some on her own accord, mich hor?

why do time ALWAYS pass by so fast when im at home? when i have so many things to do and accomplish? and before i know it, the time always tick towards bedtime. i wish i had shorter working hours and longer hours back at home. ok, im crapping. that’ll be everyone’s wish, minus all the workaholics that is.

i have so many things to do!! 🙁

gonna get some stuff done up now, shouldnt waste anymore time. my eyes are so tired. the things that i do recently are so eyes-taxing that i think i’m just gonna ruin my perfect eyesight in these coupla months. despite me resting my eyes at intervals and looking at stuff at a distance.. it’s still so tired, and i seemed to be losing my focus a tad too often. im worried, but things still needs to be done.

okie, gotta go. will blog again if i can spare the time. good night people!

oh oh, my internet in the office is DOWN again. this time, i plucked out the whole modem and sent it for troubleshooting, so it’s CONFIRMED that i wont have internet access at work tomorrow, unless i get a new one. try not to miss me online, cos i’ll be missing you guys bad. *pouts* wat am i to do? how can i survive the day without the internet? *sigh*

lilsnooze & piggy_pat79: i wonder if u girls will be interested in durian rolls.. 🙂