Love my new ASOS dresses! It came the mail some time back but my mum kept thinking it was meant for my brother and kept it aside.

I wrote an email to complain about my lost parcel and today, my brother suddenly picked up the package and went – what is this?! How come you got a parcel lying here?

And happiness! I thought I lost the ash clutch bag that I was so looking forward to receiving.

Belt not included.

Bright orange sun dress with my ash clutch! Hmmm.. Am so ready to head out!!

Looks like I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. The dresses at least, but im not really allowed to wear clothes baring skin right now so it’s long sleeves and pants. Usually wear sleeves with jacket though, can remove jacket when indoors.

Hmmmm.. The stay home days is not doing my wallet any justice. I just go click, click, click. Bought shit loads of stuff from amazon (all nursing related) and also from gap/old navy.

Someone needs to take the computers away from me.

Ok. Crashin. Night!

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