Yesterday was a lovely day, work aside, I was quite chirpy the whole day! I think it was because the weekend was near…

Me on the escalator at the train station, heading to work. Loving my bottega heels!

Passing through the gravel land, feeling every inch of pain as the bottega battle with the stones.

Finally in the lift!

I met up with Andy for dinner and had a nice time catching up. It was a quick dinner as I was late from having to clear ads (it’s Friday and that’s just a telco marcommer’s life). I left the office only at 9+..

My seafood marinara at Mr. Bean which was passable only. I didn’t managed to finish it and went on to attack the chicken wings which I forgot to take a picture of.

The boy came to join me for rocher beancurd, a must-have when I’m around the vicinity and we headed home thereafter. There, it was a simple and lovely day. I must learn to count my blessings.

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