It’s was roseanne’s (our intern) last day on wednesday. We went to vivocity for her farewell lunch.

A diligent, helpful girl that assisted the team for 2 weeks. I didn’t have much time to interact with her, only 4 short days since i was on course, then on leave. And she loved my SI-TOR-SMELLY seal so much that when i came back from leave, she came and asked me where she could buy that.

When she knew we were going vivo for lunch, she excitedly exclaimed, “yeah! I wanna go buy the whale!”

Me: “huh! It’s not a whale, it’s a seal!” haha.

Ok. It’s not funny. So that was the leg of lamb that i ate, and later vomited.

There’s a bug that’s going round my team. Everyone puked in the last couple of days.. Though we ain’t very sure what was wrong. So we are all like going on a puking spree. Sounds gross, i know.

Am super late for work.

[mobile post on cab @ thomson road]