cindy came over to my area the other day to have lunch! it was supposed to be the usual trio but mr. koh couldn’t make it at the last minute, so i ended up heading out to meet her alone.

were supposed to have lunch at hans (trinity church) but i chanced upon another nook at the church! i would have missed it if not for the sandwich boards and food pictures placed outside as the glass are all tinted!

shloop is a cosy little cafe with an adjourning gift/book store. with its prettily painted walls of whimsical drawings, and cute quaint little photo frames and ornaments hung on its wall and the white cosy furniture, it deports you out of the industrial feeling you get while in ubi. the place serves western food, with a good selection of food ranging from soups, salads, starters, pizzas, pastas and some choices of meats.

we ordered 2 mint peach teas (ratta raganza), a plate of buffalo wings, a 8″ pizza and a lasagne to share. i wasn’t too filled up so we also ordered mixed berries mini pancakes for desserts. i was so hungry that i didn’t take a picture of the pizza and realised it only after the entire pizza was consumed! urgh.

the pizza was crisp, super thin and rather delicious. the lasagne was also tasty and rather thick. the portions are rather small for my stomach, but it was also we ordered the 1-for-1 offer so the sizes were fixed. the peach mint tea were refreshing, especially in the hot weather! the buffalo wings were so-so and my only grouse of the food is that they don’t serve tabasco sauce! what a waste especially when all the food would have gone really well with tabasco. well, must remember to bring my own the next time i visit!

the total price tag of everything was just $22+! totally affordable (considering what we ate), so i think it will be back rather soon.

that aside, i do feel the place needs some improvement in terms and of the services and the processes.

we went into the cafe, sat down and someone served us food. we were shocked and informed the wait staff that we haven’t even placed our order. throughout the meal, i keep hearing the wait staff serving it to the wrong table and the chef/cook giving the wrong table number to serve. it caused a lot of confusion and of cos, marred the dining experience a little.

while they were extremely flexible in catering to the needs of the customer (it was supposed to be a 1-for-1 lasagne promotion but they changed it to a pizza at my request), the ordering process was a mess and my additional order of bruchettas (after my dessert) was not even served at all.

having said that, there is a sign at the cashier that indicate that it is a self-serve cafe so as to keep the price of the food affordable and the wait staff that served me was actually a chef. which probably explains why the confusion (there are too many roles to fill into).

i just cannot wait to try their italian herb chicken the next time im there. sounds so delicious.

here’s the address in case you are keen.

Shloop art cafe
247 paya lebar road
singapore 409045

read more about them at their website –

I must say the food pictures in their flickr sets are rather well-taken. awww.. for a moment, i miss working in the f&b industry.

oh! i also noticed that the guy that took my orders and served me food was wearing a rolex! must be the influence of the boy.. i notice the watches that people wears.

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