last friday!

you know, i got a call from him and we eventually decided to meet up cos i missed him so much.

enough of my crap. every friday is holland v day because that’s where the school bus will bring us to for lunch. cindy and me weren’t very hungry because we had wholemeal sandwiches in the morning made with love from another colleague (wb), so we choose a place with good desserts (in hv) to rest our butts in.

as usual.. in the nonsensical mood. 🙂

the message on cookie monster’s tee was SO me. haha. i jokingly told the waiter that i am bringing cookie monster home with me. now that i think of it, someone ever called me cookie monster before.. because we are so similar in nature – we eat non stop. though these days, i try to curb my greedy desires because apparently, my waistline is keep up too!

errrr.. i think you can spot my bulging tummy in the last picture…

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