My com was wonky the whole time over the weekend. It’s such a boo! Tried to format it but apparently, i couldn’t (the com couldn’t detect my cd rom drive at all) and my mouse stopped working in the midst of it. So, with alt + windows + tab + shift + control + arrow keys as my best friends, i managed to back up almost everything (i hope!) into my secondary drives.

As you could have realised, i didn’t manage any updates over the weekend. Mum’s computer is down too so i hardly had any access to the net. Spent saturday shopping around and bought a 1000pcs jig saw set.. Took pictures every half an hour for progress and it’s half done in under 6 hours!

Spent saturday night celebrating mother’s day at buckeroos with gor and derrick. The bill is a whooping $180 with 2 appetisers, 1 salad, 2 steaks and 2 beers. Considering that both derrick and me only touched the appetisers (we already ate something beforehand), i guess the pricing is a little overrated.

Sunday morning. Breakfast with the dinner gang again in chong pang market. I can’t remember when was the last time i ate with mummy that early. Not since i started working here. Slept the afternoon away before waking for another round of mother’s day at derrick’s grandpa’s house. Ended the weekend with The bridge to tarebithia at junction 8 and a stroll in the park.

Now, it’s almost time to deal with the mad week. 3 full day photoshoots, 1 major presentation and a campaign rolling out in 2 weeks. I need 8 hands and some good brains. I haven’t started preparing my presentation decks and notes. Hopefully i can pull this through.

And oh, derrick’s flying off to the land of sumo wrestlers tonight and heading to manhattan afterwards. Gor went for reservist this morning and mum’s flying off to korea in a couple of days. I’ll get a chance to be home alone! Maybe it’ll do me some good.. Time to start work!

[mobile post on bus @ upper boon keng road]