and so, agnes came by my desk and spotted a picture of me in a costume last friday.. and she said that i didn’t blog about it..

so. because im the hungry one now with nothing much to do while waiting for dinner to arrive… the topic would be the dinner and dance last year with the pageant contest..

and this was how i looked…

with my blue striking fan dress

with the rest of the female contest finalists..

my boss and me

with my team

the pageant voting boxes

one of the cat-walking parades

the grand finale

because it’s been so long.. i cannot remember the gist of everything except that i was really tired.. and my blue fan skirt was stepped on by the guy behind me during the GRAND OPENING MARCH.. and guess what?


my skirt was off (it was only secured by velcro) when i reached the (read this!!) VIP SEATS! gosh. can you imagine the embarrassment i was in when i was only dressed in a tinsy little black boxers?

and because it’s at the VIP stand, it also means that in a few more steps, i had to be on the stage.. so i was fumbling with embarrassment, picking up my skirt and putting it on.. and making it to the stage and carry on with the opening dance!

well. truth to be told, i was REALLY REALLY PISSED with the guy behind me cos it was said many times during the many rehearsals that we have.. that he has to KEEP A DISTANCE AWAY!!! because we were supposed to spread out and move in slowly with dance steps to “ra-ra” the entire event. also because the fan skirts were long and were sweeping the ground!

well. i was really upset.. but apparently, no one from my team knew that my skirt was off. now that i think about it.. maybe it could be a blessing in disguise that i didn’t heel the advice to wear the skirt with a safety pin (since my velcro was very strong) else i could have fallen backwards and hit my head.

and because i was the participant and not equipped with a camera, i didn’t have a lot of shots taken of the event..

so here’s some of the various rehearsals and some others for the actual event.

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