madness is when u are abt 2hrs due to leaving and things are still unpacked.

i desperately want to pack them all nicely. problem is, i can’t fit everything into my luggage + the spare EMPTY luggage i brought along. the coach stuff (read: boxes) are taking up too much space.

and i have got 3 pair of boots. 4 winter jackets. 4 sweaters. erm. all the bulky items!!!!

and i had to pack ALL my shopping into my spare luggage to have my aunt lug it back for me when she flies back to sing for CNY 10 days after i touch down on monday. i still do not have enough space on my current luggage, which consist of only 3 sets of clothes for chicago and everything else is just gifts for friends and the coach stuff.

Grrr. i want a doremon pocket NOW!

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