I need some kind of spell please. To help make things better!

The first day of work went by, I was yawning the most part of it despite it being a relaxing day. I crashed for a power nap during lunch, and headed home early. But, I hardly had the time to rest.

Dinner, start milking business, bond with baby, prep him for bed (wash up, clothes change, milk feed) and my baby refused to sleep. Round of coaxing and twinkle twinkle little stars later, his eyes are still bright and big while I was cursing silently under my breath because I wished I was in bed.

Finally he konked out after an hr. 11.15pm. Time for bed? No.

A whole pile of the day’s soiled bottles and pump parts await me at the wash basin. I wish I have a wand to make them go away, but I only have a brush and some soap to get it through.

I am sooooo dog tired and man, I really think working mothers are superhuman. I so cannot rise up to the task.

And if you are wondering why I am not sleeping since everything is done.. Well, almost. The bottles are in the sterilizer and I’m waiting for them to be done so that I can dry them for tomorrow’s morning usage. And I’m typing this, just so.. I won’t doze off before they are done.

Can I quit? I feel like a sore loser because sleep deprivation is getting to me. Meanwhile, the husband is playing with his iPad. -_-”

There should be a law that all men must be house husband for a month when their wives give birth just so they can understand and care for their spouses better.

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