the best thing about my break last week was not the HK trip. it was the 4 days spent at my grandpa’s place. so funny huh?

i guess the hk trip was too rushed in some sense, too short, too tired from all the traveling that’s prior to it and everyone is just so tired to begin with.

the msia part was refreshing because it was a lot of peace for me, quiet surroundings and it made me think about things that i never have the time to ponder about in the hectic lives that we lead.

well, at least i made an observation. do you think ants are social insects? make a guess… yes? no?

hmmm.. they are very sociable insects, just so you know. if you are interested in reading up, wikipedia it here.

i didnt check it before i gave the answer. i just wikipedia it to prove that im right. i spent quite a bit of time observing ants (nothing better to do..) when i was in malaysia, and if you didnt know… ants interact with each other each time they walk pass. every single ant will ‘greet’ the passing ant. how funny is that?! it’s like saying hello to everyone you see on the streets. ok. not quite, because they live in colonies and they probably say hi within their colonies. so maybe saying hi to all your uni mates sounds more apt.

i also noticed that all the ant travel the same route and they hardly deviate from the course. like they are always found travelling in the gaps between the tiles, but hardly/never on the tiles. are they super loyal? i aint sure.

so what are the rest of the happening things? there aint any, but interesting to me.

like the plants that my grandma has in the back balcony.

this is a pineapple plant growing from a pot. its about the size of my index finger. baby pineapple!

and the really pretty flowers that’s there.. dont ask me what these are…

and this! the mezzanine level of the balcony garden that i always chill at when i was a kid. standing right there, you can see all the houses roof tops in the small little town that my grandpa resides in. it’s like TOP OF THE WORLD!

check this out! its banned in singapore. can you identify with it? pig blood!! my favourite when i was a kid (funny that i would put something that gross looking into my mouth) so i just had to order since i havent gotten the chance to eat in the last 15 years?!

feasting on a giant crab lifts one’s mood instantaneously. look at that, it’s BIGGER than my foot.. juicy and really yummy!

you know what’s better than starbucks? this is.. (sorry chey! nothing against your starbucks tho..)

chilling in an old town railway coffee place is really a bliss and ancient. pity that the original rail way cafe was torn down a few years back but they recreated the entire atmosphere in this shop house and i’m just so totally amazed. everything looks pretty much the same way. enjoyment is when you sink your teeth into those soft toast with the butter melting in your mouth and sipping a glass of teh-o ais limau (iced teh o with calamansi). i had like 7 slices of that at ONE go, after a really filling breakfast of curry noodles and wan tan noodles… so you can imagine just HOW GOOD it is. i wanted more, but my aunts think im crazy.

oh. and this.

know what’s that? its a beetle landing on my towel when i was bathing. do you scream and ask for help? or wait till the beetle moves away? the folks are too far away to hear me if i scream, the toilet is at the balcony extension that’s too far to be heard. i just grab the bug with my fingers and relocate it to a dry place in the toilet before towelling myself dry. it so happens i have the cammie with me in the toilet! (i wanted to take pictures of the ants, but realized they were moving too fast)

and you know what you’ll find really really gross but i find interesting?!

this dead over-turned lizard that died on a piece of sticky paper meant to capture such insects. the black dots are all dead houseflies. the lizard prob. came to eat those flies. poor thing. it must have struggled to be free to be in this position and believe me, this is a HUGE lizard.

and yap, that’s some of the interesting things that i get to see in msia! the batt’s getting low.. so i better post this now!

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