Someone asked what i wanted for my birthday yesterday. He wanted to get me a gift, but i really have no clue what i really need.

There are only wants. And wants being wants, aren’t they the expensive, sought after products that either you don’t bear to part with the money to buy or that it’s totally not within your means to get it?

Well, i tried to get that message across – the fact that i don’t need anything and my wants are too expensive. And he insisted that i name a few things of my list.

And i just rattled them off, just to humour him, not at all expecting that he would actually buy them.

And his conclusion statement? i didn’t know you turned materialistic.

Seriously, i’m amused at the statement. I don’t know what he really meant by materialistic.. But don’t people progress to better quality of life if you could afford it?

The thing is.. If i wanted something and could jolly well afford it.. I would just go get it.. Just like how i’m contemplating to get a dslr before my taiwan trip in 9 days. Hee.

Ok. Finally at work. Am panting from lugging plastic bags of breakfast for an inter-department meeting. They are so heavy that i think i look really pathetic in my high heels and office gear lugging those plastic bags.

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