i’m hugging my little piggy and lazing in bed.. waiting for the world to pass me by. tonight is one of those rare nights that i have a little whee bit of time for myself to simply just chill.. without rushing any work.

i am kinda missing this kind of days.. it’s been a long time. from that event i had to organise, the post works of it, the campaign that’s launching tomorrow… i seriously need a break.

was looking forward to a taiwan trip with the family in march but i just there was a change in plans and it would be shifted to april/may where i will be in the vicious cycle of running back-to-back campaigns yet again.

urgh. maybe i should just plan a holiday by myself and indulge a little. so.. taiwan or vietnam?

okie. gotta go blog some silly happenings of the past weeks since i’m kinda in the mood to blog now.

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