Painting my nails are like the only me-time I get for myself these days, mainly because the vapor’s bad for the baby so he has to be AWAY from me. But I do think it’s also hard work and I’ll rather go sit at the manicurist and get my nails painted. But, my new nail resolution is that I need to justify the existence of all those pots of polishes I have in lying around in the house… Many of which are brand new.

OPI colour – Jade is the new Black

Changed out my nail color last night, because my nails chipped badly and I just had to cut them all short, and it also means putting on a fresh coat! Am loving this color a whole lot but there were a fair bit of tiny bubbles in my paint job last night. Mostly because 5 mins into it, my mum broke my brand new bottle of seche vite base coat and I was uber-ly upset about it. I only used it ONCE!

Sigh. No use crying over spilled milk polish. It’s gone, forever and ever. I just need to buy and have my aunt bring it back for me again.

Sorry, I digressed. I wanted to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color because it’s so unique and I can’t help but keep staring at my nails after.

Never mind that my brother thinks I am a freak liking all the funky colors that he thinks it’s weird on nails.

What you think? It is nice?

Popping out today to pick up some stuff at Nex because I very stupidly wanted to buy and only realized I forgot to bring my vouchers yesterday. Am gonna pick them up and visit der’s gramps with the baby later.

Are you enjoying bits of your Sunday too?

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