yesterday and today are the rare times where i had time to myself. sit down and relax a little, and read blog entries. the load at work is not stopping, but i work much faster now knowing where to get figures and stuff.

3 months came and went. i seriously have no idea how i am faring at work. my self confidence is lacking still, but i’m more comfortable now. i cant wait for this week to past by and welcome august!

august is gonna be a happy month! i will have more money to spend. i can buy myself expensive presents! there’s a public holiday in the month of august too. mostly, i cant wait for july to end cos i am struggling to make ends meet and chalking up on quite a bit of debts!

ok. gotta go pack my stuff for tomorrow. heading for swimming again at jennifer’s condo. prob take a couple of pictures since lynette and fiona are gonna join us. i feel so good exercising! i really should dedicate a day and make myself run. to prepare myself for my death date.


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