Just for the record.. If you are ever intending to buy a US model (please do, because the savings is very significant).. You don’t need to use a voltage transformer here in Singapore because it works.. Just like all my other US appliances (ASUS netbook, toshiba laptop) that I own.

I just charged mine yesterday for 24hrs and it works perfectly fine, despite my aunt checking with the sales person in US and they confirming that it is not auto-voltage and cannot be used. Wth?! sometimes, I really do wonder if they really know what they are talking about (you’ll be surprised to know that many many US residents/citizens never ever travel out of their country at all), and a lot think that Singapore is actually part of china. I had this huge argument with a lady once in a US driving license center in Seattle about where Singapore is located on the world map because I showed her my travel documents and she wanted to indicate my nationality is from china on my driving pass (!) while I was trying to tell her Singapore is a country/city/state by itself and it is NOT part of china. The argument only resolved after another colleague of hers heard the commotion and popped over to help and showed her where Singapore is (she had this huge map behind the counter) tho it was hardly visible (we are such a tiny dot).

Anyway, All you probably EVER need is a 2-to-3 pin adaptor because the US 2 pin is not so commonly used here. I don’t have that issue since a lot of my household appliances uses the US 2 pins plugs and my power bars at home are all 2-pins ones. I also have loads of them tiny adaptors used for my netbook/laptop so I have them right at my disposal all the time to be used in conjunction with the breast pump.

Am posting this here because what I read on the forums are just so misleading/conflicting.

Aside to jzlyn, I think it works for hong kong too because I used my both my laptop and netbook in hk with no problems as well (similar voltage input), though I think the information came a little late for you.

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