Last day in rome. We have nothing else to do but roam the streets aimlessly. And i had to lay my eyes on this. Grrr. Feels silly buying 2 of the same nappa charm bag (though different size and material) but i just had to get this cos it looks different from the usual ones… And i didnt spot this in the milan store. I love love love the prints because its old school looking. Oh wells, they didnt have the greyish blue color for the small one here either.

You gain some, you lose some.

I didnt manage to get the new chanel bag that i was eyeing from the winter collection. When i saw it the other day, it was on the shelves for just 2 hours, newly arrived. Der told me to give it a tinker and france would be a bettet place to buy chanel… Today, we went back (to peek) and the bag’s GONE. I hope i’ll see it in paris tomorrow else i’ll be very disappointed.

Oh oh, just something random. I was telling der the other day when we arrive in milan.. What are the chances of meeting someone you know here? (triggered the thought cos we were in taiwan ximenting and i bumped into a sec school fren twice and i havent met him in singapore since we grad!) when i was in the miu miu shop… This girl came up to me, gave me a bright sunny smile and went.. Hi! Remember me?!

I couldn’t register so i stared at der and he gave me a confused look. The girl went on to say.. you were the last to board my flight, remember?! and i realised that she was the air stewardess on the same flight. For a moment, i really thought that i have bumped into a friend. And she look really quite different without the signature SQ makeup. Hee.

As for being the last person boarding the flight, the clumsy me lost my boarding pass! Actually, i was holding onto it and der asked me to help him with his stuff or something, i think i subconsciously kept it in my wallet (?!) and then thought i lost it. So yeah, they were going to issue me a new one when der found it and that made me the LAST person to board. Totally embarassing.

Im so bored now. Sat at the hotel lobby for the last 2 hrs. Another 1.5hrs to go before popping to the airport. I feel like taking a nap.

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