as decided, miChiE & i met up for dinner. our dear fren jac crashed in an hour later, while we slowly chewed on our salmon sashimi and sipped hot tea.

we had intended to do some shopping but because of my guilt, and partly cos im gonna be overseas next week, i dragged gerine out to join us after her work. so mich and me sat there, half eating and half waiting till 8+ when gerine popped in.

nattered non stop, each sorta snatching chance to talk to the others and relate the funny stories, incidents that we experienced. we were leaving the building when the shops started to close and when we walked past tcc.. i looked at my watch and realised it’s only 9.30pm! a tad early and i definitely wanted more catching up time since gerine and jac came quite late.

altho gerine had other engagements, the naughty us psycho-ed her to join us. and here’s pictures of us popping her a belated surprise with a slice of cake and a candle!