attending the first malay wedding of a friend, it’s been a most special day. i have had attended a fair share of malay weddings, both in spore and m-land, but mostly of relatives’ friends, neighbours etc.

i was filled with excitement and curiousity. i wonder how meiting (natasha) would looked like. i pondered on what she would wear. but i didnt stay throughout the wedding and only saw her first gown, cos first, the weather was really hot and everyone of us are perspiring like mad. secondly, we were occupying the tables that people could have used to eat, and we just felt bad and stood up from the tables. and it felt really weird, standing in a bunch by the side, not knowing what else we could do. thirdly, we were hanging around for almost 2 hours before we saw meiting coming down from the flat and lastly, a couple of us all have engagements later in the day and had to leave. besides, meiting was really busy with all the ceremonies that she didnt really have a chance to talk to us.

here’s some of the pictures i took. more in the other cammies that were there. i have gotten any pictures yet. (hey people!! load your pictures and send them to me!!)

eileen brought her daughter jiaxuan along and she’s like the toy of everyone. everyone wants to play with her. haha. i must say she’s a really tame 7 month old baby. not once throughout the 3 hrs we were there that she attempted to cry, wail or throw tantrum. and she’s surprisingly quiet for a kid, which makes her a lot more adorable to me.


wei didnt join me for the wedding cos he had to attend intensive classes. it was a pity and eventually, i didnt see him the whole day after even tho we agreed to meet for (family) dinner. he bailed out of me. *sigh* i wouldnt say im not upset, but it’s k la. sure got chance again.

some interesting facts abt the wedding. the bride had to cover her face when the groom is yet to arrive. the groom had to come to the wedding venue, sit in a chair outside the venue for a while (dunno for what), before proceeding to join the bride. and cos everyone was walking and we were busy snapping pictures, we missed some parts of the ceremony. mostly it’s just them doing something, with no narration. we hadnt had a clue what is going on and what is supposed to be going in. and the “throne” had to be changed to chairs when the couple take photos and during the portion of it where the couple pay respects to their parents.

and guess what? none of us talked to the groom except for shannon! i dont know why, but the situation doesnt seemed appropriate for us to talk. we were like disrupting their “program” of the day. heh heh.

bade our goodbyes when we couldnt stand the heat further. my skirt was damp from all my perspiration! and good old belle, sent me home. hee. so nice hor? got fetched and got sent home. whee!

that’s all for the wedding!

now, i wonder who’s next. not me definitely.

p.s: omg! i think my tummy is bulging in the group photo! * screams *