i finally am sitting myself down and disciplining myself to blog about the melbourne before it doesn’t happen at all, like what happened to HK & macau earlier this year.

i think too much travelling is resulting in my lack of enthusiasm. hee.

day 2 in melbourne was relatively simple. i waited for my aunt to arrive at the hotel around noon, so i stayed in the hotel surfing the net.

lunch was at the famous lygon street. so many people told me to go dine there! on the way walking to lygon, i was busy soaking in the sights of melbourne city.

that’s my school (RMIT) with campuses all over the city.

state library @ swanston street and trade hall @ lygon street

the former royal mint.

i can’t remember the name of the restaurant that we went to, but everything i ordered tasted great! maybe except the pasta, a little too soft and mushy for my liking. the steak was fantastic with thick mushroom sauce that was so good, my aunt was dipping everything else in the sauce. after lunch.. we are off to the zoo!

Adventures at the zoo!

i didn’t think the trip to the zoo is very interesting, except for the up-close and personal experience with the kangaroos, and seeing the koalas at very close distance. the rest of the animals are pretty similar to our zoo, and maybe because i had also gone to the taiwan zoo recently, they all looked pretty much the same!

the only difference is that the zoo in melbourne has a lot of pretty flowers everywhere. and since this is only one section of the entire “zoo experience” in melbourne, it’s not a very fair comparison. the other 2 sections were in the suburbs and too far to travel to within the day, so we dropped those off.

the day ended with the journey back to city center where we had our dinner at draculas, the famous cabaret restaurant that won many tourism awards.

it was a standard 3 course dinner where you get to choose the mains. I had lamb and it was really nothing to rave about, but the starter and the dessert was really good. and because i think i look rather young and petite, i had to wear that tag that says I AM OLD ENOUGH TO GET SUCKED (take alcoholic drinks, that is).

ok. im off for some sanity (read: shopping) in town with agnes and i am running late! byes!

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