i can’t remember who it was that tagged me. I havent been able to catch up with the entries and has been reading them sporadically. so, here’s my answers…




Tomboy or Girly Girl?
tomboy definitely. i can only act dainty sometimes.

Describe your beauty routine?
i’m lazy. just wash with facial soap. only once in a while the toner and the moisturizer or sun block comes in.

Describe your hair?
straight, thick, black jet hair that’s boring.

Describe your personal style?
casual and sometimes, quirky

Do you…
Like metrosexual boys?
hmmm, yeah. but i sometimes cannot stand the fact that they spend more time dressing up than i DO!

Like accessories?
yup, chunky ones please.

Like high heels?
yeah, but these days im trying to go for flats because i think my legs are not as strong as before.

Like matchy matchy, or mix and match?
mix and match!

Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general?
nope. almost to the minimal.

Shop online for clothes?
yeah. works when im bored. 🙂

Article of clothing in your closet?
my fbt shorts.

Makeup line?
i hardly make up.. just clinique (brow pencils) and inovi (lashes and blusher)

Skincare line?
clinique & biotherm if i do use them.

romance by ralph lauren

Colours to wear??
loud colors. red, yellow and black + white.

What stuff…
What is a trend you dislike the most??
shoulder bag for guys. eeks.

What is your fashion philosophy?
wearing something that flatters and hide the parts you need to hide.

What kind of shoes do you like?
high heels & flip flops.

What is your biggest fashion problem?
jeans. i can never get them past my thunder thighs. when i do, they are usually too tight for my butt and too loose at my waist! of cos, unless they are the elastic type ones but those are ugly when i wear it!

What trends do you think should come back?
cant think at this point in time

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
nothing that i can think of. maybe a miu miu bag?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
40mins. snooze, choose clothes, bathe, clothe myself, blow hair, light makeup and grab bag to go.

Would you ever go out in public without makeup?
yes. all the time.

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?
italy. designer bags and shoes please!

Is there anything you absolutely CAN’T wear?
long sleeve shirts. i look weird in them with my build.

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?
derrick choo. haha. this is meant to be a joke.

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