Merry Christmas people! I spent my eve sleeping the day away!

Each year, the thing that I look most forward to on this day, is the company department Christmas party where there are tonnes of gifts to be given away! Last year, I walked away with a wii set + hero band (it’s still lying unopened somewhere in the house), and I was gunning for the 5 ipads, MacBook air, 4 hp minis, mobile phones and lenovo notebooks up for grabs. Unfortunately, I only survived 7 rounds and got drawn out at prize 48. =(

$200 worth of taka vouchers. So sad!

The theme of the party was back to school and everyone gamely appeared in pinafolds and nice crisp uniforms!

Complete with nerd glasses, plaited hair or neat pony tails. There were a few ah lians with super high socks, short skirts, folded sleeves and a tiny backpack with tight straps. It was hilarious.

The ultimate had to be this colleague in the right.

He walked away with the best dressed! He’s a complete nerd with a thick white handkerchief sticking out of his shorts pocket, and a pager on the other pocket. His wallet is chained with a plastic coil to his shorts, high thin socks that are folded midway, and name tag in a winnie the pooh lanyard, with his ic clipped onto his shirt front pocket and a tie that’s too short. He also wore his shorts damn high and kept tugging at it (like a kid would in real life) so he completely won hands down.

I wanted to wear the pinafold that ting loaned me but was stopped by my team mates. Apparently, my boss bought PE tshirts from choa chu kang sec school and we all turned up in the same gear for the team.

The theme is a little wrong with my tummy bulging out. Lol.

My team, missing the boss (not in yet) and 2 other colleagues who were in the organizing committee and one other who was on leave.

After the party, I took a cab home and slept!

And here’s all the presents for the year on my desk! =)

I only managed to catch a movie – meet the little fockers with der (he got home only in the evenings) and that was it. We crashed in bed at 11pm because we are now making a (dreadful) journey to Msia. The jam is terrible and it’s been an hour… I’m still no where near the msia custom yet, and battling nausea while being in the car. I need some floo powder people!

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