with the impending move to our own house, the one thing i will miss is my mum’s cooking. so, i am going to start noting down her simple to prepare and fuss free recipes here!

i learnt the steps in my growing up years, but seriously, when my mum stopped working.. i have been rather pampered because who needs to cook when my mum is home to cook everyday? so i needed a refresher. I also made der learn with my mum earlier so this is also for his future reference. he’s a total noob in cooking (ok, except instant noodles and eggs), but i must applaud his seriousness tonight. he really stood around and listened to all the instructions and asked questions (woah!). I’m quite impressed. Very, in fact. i secretly think its because he really likes the chicken.

Don’t laugh ok? it’s gonna be amateurish! here goes..

**edit on 24 Apr on marination proportions! my mum says i wrote them wrongly!**

– prep the chicken (wash and cut the chicken to the desired sizes)
– drain chicken dry
– marination ingredients to mix well (1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 2 table spoon of fish sauce (or 1 soy sauce, 1 fish sauce), 1/2 table spoon of seasame oil, some sprinkles of pepper, minced garlic and liquor to taste)
– massage the chicken with the marinate
– shrink wrap the chicken and pop into microwave in high heat for 5-7 mins depending on size of chicken
– check for doneness with a stick. if bloody juice leaks from the puncture hole, its not cooked yet.

and there! ready to serve. simple, easy, fuss free!

one of my friends asked me the question about how to cook without a microwave… you can steam it too, but the timing depends on the heat and the size of the chicken. i can’t quite advise on that since i have been cooking it with a microwave all my life.

if you do try it, let me know if you find it nice!