it’s a busy sunday despite me holing up in the house the entire day. there are just too much to be done. damn. why is the weekend always so short?

anyway, thought i better blog about this first.. since the rest are waiting for the pictures (i assume!). =)

i spent sat’s night by the peaceful waters of lower pierce reservoir with a bunch of friends to celebrate mid-autumn festival! i must say der was extremely diligent in making sure the event’s a success!

he bought mooncakes for everyone, and packed along a teapot of piping hot tea, mini teacups and of cos, lanterns, candles and sparklers for all to play. ok. i insisted on the sparklers. hee. and oh, he also had 2 portable chairs that he brought along.

the night passed quickly as we asked each other riddles (silly ones!), take loads of pictures, lighted the entire place up with mini candles, played with sparklers (>100pcs!) and silly games.

kinda relaxing but i must say the night’s a little too dark and i’m not exactly happy about the pictures i took. but still, here are some of the better ones!

stunning view at the reservoir. click picture to see bigger version.

see the entire set at my flickr

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