Had quite a lot to drink today, but surprisingly super sober and had enjoyed myself very much in months.

Had a meet up with steve and Jen, which was long overdue and we sat at a quiet bistro @ changi with good food, great companion, beers and waves splashing softly in a distant and planes flying over us every 10-15 mins. It was a lovely place, and an even lovelier experience.

We chatted about the good old memories in ph, the trips that we used to take, those retreats and the funny moments. And how we used to do things against the law, how we squeezed in food and shopping in between our work and business trips. Awe. And the effort I used to put in during everyone’s farewell, welcome or birthdays. Those were the really fun days. Fun because a lot of effort was being put into what is being done and there was a lot of team work within the team.

I almost didn’t want to head home but it is a weekday and we all had to work tomorrow. When I reached home, I just had to pull out that farewell album that I created for Jennifer and flipping through the pages, I guess I was really happy and having fun while working.

Those were really the days. Will I ever fibd that somewhere else again? It was a precious part of my life, where tonnes of friendship were being formed and I am sure they will last till we are old and it will still be fondly remembered.

When I sent Jen home, we were still chatting non stop and if time weren’t an issue, I am sure we’ll talk till the morning. Missed the days where we take business trips and just chat till we fall asleep in the hotel rooms. Or drink till we cannot make it and eyes are closing.

For a brief moment, I wished I was back at where I was. Enjoying every bit of thing that I was doing and being happy.

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