Sheryl left the green camp last friday.. It’s sad because she’s a bubbly person to have around, and I miss her keyboard typing because it’s always filled with jest (or was it angst) that always inevitably spurs me on to work faster/harder/be more motivated.. Because she can type really fast and non-stop!

It’s such a familiar sound to me, and I found Monday exceptionally quiet in the office. =(

Had wanted to buy her an accessory as a farewell gift till I happened to walk past the icing room and decided to draw a cake for her instead. Bernice and me had much fun playing with the cake icing and we were so greedy because we didn’t want to waste the icing and tried to squeeze most of it onto the cake, making it very crowded looking.

Work in progress.. The wordings are damn ugly because the red gel was too cooperative and turned out very ugly. The blue one was really nice when I wrote “goodbye”.

Bernice drawing dots all over the flowers icing. That seems to be her specialty! Lol.

Me piping the icing onto the cake. Triggered my memories of working in Angie the choice from a long time back.. And no, I do not know how to make cakes.

Tadah! Here’s the end product. The girl on top is a little 3D cos I got over zealous in wanting to use up the icing so piped more cream onto the clothes and hair, making it quite horrible looking! Less is more.. I know, but shouldn’t waste too right?!

The creators with the masterpiece. The cake turned out really tasty! Will do it again some day when I can find an opportunity!

In case you are curious, this was done in Bishan junction 8 and they have cakes of different sizes and flavours to choose from. We got the vanilla and it has fruit bits in the centre of the cake.. =)

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