i just got a little piece of news again. depressing.

another one of them is leaving. 3 more days.. it’s really time i should start thinking abt my future. gear up to get something done. open my eyes and to see.

it’s looming near, and i can tell.

someone gave me a treat a ding tai fung yesterday. Whee! it’s so nice getting free meals all the time. it does help when im popular! haha *dodge whoever’s trying to ah-bish me*

but frankly, i still prefer the 小龙包 at Crystal jade. the juice will just ooze out when you bite on it. it was my first trip to ding tai fung.. and yuxiong was telling me.. there are exactly 18 folds on each of the 小龙包.. pardon my ignorance, but i didnt know that. i counted, and it’s REALLY 18 folds!! gosh, so delicate work on a small little bun. but, it still didnt impress me when i sinked my teeth in.

the coffee thereafter is relaxing and calming. we sat at Dome at the bishan community centre with tai chi music playing in the background. unknown to us.. as the night proceed on.. the seat we were at, was right in the centre front of the tai chi practice. gosh! everyone seemed to be looking at us. ha!

i never spent so much time looking at people practising tai chi. calms my nerves a little till they started drawing swords. Oops. and we eventually left the place coz the air was getting too still and hot.

we ended up strolling for an hr around bishan. i shouldnt call that a stroll..we ended up at a rather quick pace, not sure why. beads of sweats trickling down our brows and me, being on heels.. i had sore feet thereafter. =(

kinda a stupid act i admit. but it’s fun and i think we covered at least 3.5km. i wouldnt mind doing it again if im wearing flats.

i was feeling grouchy this morning when i woke. eyes puffy and all. not sure why the puffiness but it was definitely not a nice feeling. throat’s been quite sore recently and the flu/cough bug seemed to be hitting me soon. and then came the million dollar question in my mind.. to work or not to work?

with great determination, i dragged myself outta bed. thinking that i need to accomplish much with my manager since he is heading for reservist next week. and i have just been told that he’s down with sore eyes and wont be coming. urgh! *bang head on wall*

now, just imagine how sore i am today. please dont step on my toes.

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