ok. many have asked why i am moody for the last few days. it is basically triggered by many different factors, like being so sick in the pit, the boy’s missing my run, some personal issues at hand and just a bad day at work.

i spent yesterday doing therapeutic stuff like packing my room (YET AGAIN!!), and found many stuff that cheered me up significantly.

here’s some of the cheery stuff in my life..

in order of preference…

cartoony scotch tapes!

mini cute stampers! i have a whole load of them kept elsewhere. i love these, but keep forgetting to put them into use..

ok. sanrio. u prob can tell im quite a melody fan..

stickers! i dont think i can ever finish using these…

and of cos, my mood have lifted significantly since. part of the reason was also due to a quick dinner date with michelle at BK last nite! who says im moody now?!

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