the most interesting thing about the airshow is that.. i didn’t use the ticket at all! kenties and me were wondering the entire time why the tickets was needed when no one collected it from us.

anyway, we were caught in a jam while heading for the airshow and arrived just in time to watch the air display.

look at the hall filled with people from all countries and all ages clearing the security gantry.

kent and me, being cheeky.

another shot of us, waiting for the airshow to start

look at this guy’s camera lens! Woah!

the useless ticket that i talked about…

the airshow started with the RSAirForce Black Knights with the delta flyover..

the black k.nights did quite a few stunts like the twisted loop, swan roll, chevron roll, palm split, needle cross, half cuban, opposing rolls, mirror pass and etc.. i thought some of them are really cool..

the needle cross

i supposed this is the way of the dragon.

my favourite stunt – mirror pass, where the airplane on top is upside down.

the flaming heart.. so cute!

and finally, the curtains..

the rest of the solo planes weren’t so exciting though i was very much impressed with the USAF FA-18. 🙂

midway through the show, i felt a little dizzy with the heat and all that raising of the head to watch the planes.. so i plonked myself down on the ground..

and i suddenly remember one other funny snippet about kenties..

c: yeah! we are gonna see the airbus 380!!
k: hello! we are here to see the fighter planes.. not A380 lah!
c: really!!!! it’s part of the show you know..
k: are u crazy?! these are all about military planes!! the airbus is not going to be flying here!
c: no! airbus is on the programme list and that’s one of the reasons why i came!

and then.. the airbus A380 flew out.. and kenties could believe his eyes. hahah!

and so.. presenting the Airbus380!

the rest of the afternoon was spent checking out the exhibits and the airplanes display.. here’s some happy shots of me..

i took a picture with one of the pilots!

here’s the picture that kenties took of me… and the one i took shown below..

haha.. kenties and his silly pose. so who is the PROFESSIONAL ar? u be the judge.

the full set of pictures can be found here.

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