I cannot decide if the iPhone is a good thing because I have taken to taking a lot of pictures on the iPhone and I am quite lazy to blog from the iPhone because my typing ain’t as fast compared to a keyboard, plus the fact that I get a lot of typos and the phone changing my original word to another that it thinks is right. Tad frustrating.

And loading the pictures to flickr from the iPhone is another pain in the ass. Bloody slow! Took me near an hour to load 23 pictures of last night dinner.

and yup. So I have a lot of backlogs and mostly food pictures to share, but very lazy to do so. Contributing to the radio silence moments on my blog.

Lunch with my colleagues again! The faces are different except Agnes recurring in almost eveything. Haha. Lunch on 6 April (Tuesday). I managed to ask wb to bring us out for a happy lunch and off to the airport we go!! Spoil for choices and unable to decide, they decided to let me satisfy my craving for the samsui chicken at soup restaurant!

Not sure if you noticed, but I’m looking damn round in these pictures!!

And Agnes spotting a new hairstyle in these pictures as well. She hated her fringe but I think her fringe looks fine as it is if there’s no comparison so fret not!

Was still hungry after that lunch even though we had so much to eat. Not captured in the photos include pork ribs, claypot beancurd and spicy kang kong.

Lovely. Did a whole bunch if groceries shopping at the airport before heading back to work. Now I got cereals, chocolates, milk and 30cans of green tea in my office!!

It was a bright spot in my tired work week!

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