im not exactly a FB person, so i haven’t really seen the pictures that i was tagged with till moments ago..

and here’s some more pictures of me from the christmas party!

bernice and me, the longest-lasting segment colleague that i had thus far. really enjoyed working with her and according to the photographer, this was her only smile of the day!

anne and me. another segment colleague that i don’t work directly with.. but the world is so small.. we actually have common friends.

one of the segment managers, yen sin. my hair is so messy! luckily disciplinary master wasnt around.

bernice sure have the kiam-pa face here, and her school u makes me laugh. i keep asking her the whole day.. “why, buay song ah? come ah, 1 to 1 ah!”. ok. i was trying to make fun of her..

okie. now i know why anne say that first photo is the only one with her smiling!

the class photo.. with many different uniforms!

my marcom folks..

and yup, that’s it!

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